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Whether you run a small business or a blog, if you are looking for a clean, professional design to entice your clientele, Freefall Intuitive Design is for you!

We design simple, unique, easy-to-use websites for Blogger at a low upfront cost, without all those monthly overhead charges.

Read on to see why Freefall Intuitive Design is the best choice for your small business!


So many small businesses are unaware of the benefits Blogger has to offer. Not only is it entirely customizable, offering you a unique business website design, but it is free!  

There are no hidden fees and no monthly overhead charges unlike WordPress or Weebly, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the course of your site's lifetime.

Plus, Blogger is a Google run service, allowing effortless integration with Google Analytics, helping you track your business page's statistics, Google+ to improve your social media footprint and enhance your customer's user experience, as well as with Google AdSense to increase your site's revenue! 

Blogger is no longer just for blogs.  With the ability to design individual static pages and create personalized landing pages, the Blogger platform can stretch far beyond blogging.

All those busy sidebars, navigational headers and Blogger attribution tags disappear leaving you with a clean and professional website. 

Omit a blog altogether or add one in to keep your clientele up-to-date on your latest business happenings. The choice is yours!

You have decided you want to save hundreds of dollars and launch your business website on Blogger, now what?  Simply submit the Request Design Quote contact form for a free, no obligation quote for a one-time design charge.

Once your website is up and running, enjoy the benefits of putting your business online without having to pay another dime.

We look forward to working with you and helping you save money on your business every month!